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Geospatial Services

Discover our Expertise
Remote Sensing

We examine natural resources using the latest GPS technology to identify, map, and organize to accurately communicate inventories on your properties. Specializing in the latest methodologies in ArcGIS software.

Remote Sensing: Services


Organized geospatial data to enhance conservation

 At Baxter Botanical, we combine our years of expertise in geographic information science data management to get the accurate spatially referenced resource data you need. We provide GPS data collection to assess habitat. If its for vegetation, erosion / bank stabilization, soils, rare and invasive species or wildlife populations we cover them all. This includes:

-remote sensing inventories

-building geodatabases

-designing data dictionaries for data collection

-ArcGIS shapefiles that can easily be incorporated into AutoCAD 

Maldives, Indonesia. Mosquito control - Local island mapping

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