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Tanya Baxter M.S. is a botanist and ecologist. With over a decade of expertise in land management she has led landscape scale restoration projects for the national park service and innovative collaborations with non-profit partners. She led a multi year grant to eradicate the most invasive species on 75,000 acres in Marin County combined with a dedicated volunteer program. 

Tanya conducts rare plant surveys in remote areas rugged areas. She has roots in fire science and has served as a natural resource advisor on wildland fires in Yosemite National Park. With a specialty in riparian habitats, coastal fire fuels reductions, native plant revegetation design, and sierra flora Tanya enjoys the complexity of land management and providing cutting edge solutions.

When not botanizing you can find Tanya sea kayaking on Tomales Bay or tending her honey beehives. Nature's outdoor laboratory, she allows curiosity to evoke fun in science and conservation.

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