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Baxter Botanical exists to solve the critical issues facing clients, both large and small land use planners.  Solutions are provided  based on experience and a wide array of land use talents. Baxter Botanical facilitates change. Here to achieve an organization's vision, design the tools, and optimize performance for natural resource conservation in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cartography &  Maps



Remote Sensing 


Biological Services 

Attention to Detail

 Need help planning or executing your next project? I can guide you. What are the features you want to communicate with the most current data and relevant information in your map?  Baxter Botanical maps allow planners to orient with visual displays to access and 

assess resources, safely, and effectively.

Achieve Your Goals

We documents natural resources that are needed to stay relevant for your goals. Using GPS technology we identify and map to accurately communicate what you value on your properties. Geo-referencing your data by those that understand your objectives.

Expert Guidance

A combination of years of expertise, knowledge, insights and skills to transform biological monitoring and inventories to effective management decisions. Baxter Botanical has the capabilities and expertise to take your decisions to the next level. 

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Baxter Botanical provides solutions. 

In a changing climate there is much more at stake to protect. Here to provide you with the tools to enhance conservation efforts. Either for analysis, inventory or to make comprehensive decisions in land use planning. 

Baxter Botanical focuses on non-profit, public agencies and private land in the San Francisco Bay area. 

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